The more you give, the more you receive

I have built a life around working as little as possible.

Around being free.

  • My online business gives more than enough money to live with just 10 hours per week of work.
  • Also I am pursuing early retirement by investments, which means working even less than those 10 hours per week.

But the less you do, the less you want to do.

Because I want to work less, I become lazy. I come to believe that my energy is limited and I need to save it.

That is a bad spiral to go through.

Although this life can be abundant in money and free time, I’ve been lacking contact with people, sense of purpose and that energy that you get when you give your best.

I don´t want to be that lazy guy anymore, afraid of working more than 3 hours per day.

I want to be full of energy, full of life and giving my best.

The commitment

A couple days ago I made a commitment with myself.

«I want to keep muy business alive at its best and, at the same time, I want to become a yoga teacher.»

I am a father and a husband, I have my responsibilities and I like being the main provider of the family; therefore, forgetting about the business is out of question.

But I also want to follow my intuition.

Becoming a yoga teacher has been calling me for years now.

It does good to me and others, it brings me energy, flexibility and piece of mind and I want to get deeper in its practice and in its teachings.

The result

In a way I started to be double-employed.

Or, better said, I have a job and I study on the side.

As counterintuitive as it can sound, the fact that I have those two ways opened up and am currently walking them, I feel more energized and focused. 

I feel abundant.

I feel I can do everything.

I know that I can achieve any goal that I set myself to.

I like this feeling of abundance, much better than that of scarcity of energy and laziness. I know that abundance will come in the shape of money, quality time, focus, energy and connections with people. And of course in the sense of purpose and meaning.

Disclaimer 1

I have to admit that, in the path of yoga, I am lost (not know where it will all end up) and a bit afraid (I don´t know if I will be good enough), but I am excited to go through the process and see where it leads me.

These last posts are just little steps in this new direction.

Disclaimer 2

I am not that lazy.

During these years having lots of free time I have learnt Russian to level B1, I have learnt some carpentry by doing beatiful pieces of furniture (check them out), I have volunteered through Workaway in France and New Orleans, and have built a website and some courses to teach Geometry.

Maybe saying that I am very lazy is not so accurate, but it helps me get to the point that I can give more, commit myself more to pursue what I am willing to have in my life: abundance.

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