We´ve been in Mysore (India) for less than 2 weeks and this culture is starting to be surprisingly captivating in subtle ways.

Here are just 3 simple things that I have experienced in that sense.

1. Honesty

A taxi picked us up at International Airport of Bangalore to take us during 2.5 hours to Mysore at night.

After one hour our driver asked my wife:

  • Madam, my daughter also goes to Mysore. Can she join us in the car?

We agreed.

But I immediately thought that it wouldn´t be his daughter; that it would be some client and that way he would make more money in one trip.

And a couple minutes later I thought to myself:

  • Maybe it´s really his daughter. Why should I think bad of him? Just because we do this kind of things in my country?

Finally it was his daughter.

He was an honest man.

And I have seen it once and again. Indians are honest.

Despite how much money they have, despite how they live, despite what we think of them from our very-developed countries, you can trust indians.

2. Energy

A couple days ago, a partner from the course of yoga asked me:

  • Don´t you feel lighter in India? Don´t you feel a better energy here than in Europe? Like everything flows easier?

I replied no to everything.

I said I am not that sensitive.

But then, I thought again.

When we just left the airport of Bangalore and saw our taxi driver, he welcomed us with a smile even if it was 4:30 am, even if we had left the airport more than 1.5 hours after the landing because of all the passport and visa controls,.

Two minutes later, I told Marta:

  • I feel that this is not the last time that we are coming to India

That was after our first 2 minutes walking in India, just in the car park of the airport.

She said: «Let´s wait and see the country».

And I replied: «It´s only a feeling»

Maybe there is some captivating energy in this country, and maybe I am not that insensitive.

3. Happiness

Whenever there is a conflict, I can see that the principle of indians is:

I prefer to be happy than to be right.

They don´t discuss.

I haven´t seen any of them nervous, histeric.

And they don´t try to be right.

If you say something that they did wrong, that you don´t agree with something or if you say something that they don´t understand, they will smile very kindly and go on with their happy lives.

They don´t care who is right.

They are happy.

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