This might sound contradictory.

But it´s not.

It makes all the sense.

Stay until you want to stay.

When you finish the practice of Bikram Yoga, you are supossed to leave.

With our daily duties and time running behind us, it feels like you should leave as soon as possible, as soon as the practice is over and the teacher has left the room.

That´s when it makes sense.

You are laying there,

Doing nothing,

Eyes closed.

In silence.

And you feel like leaving.

You feel that rush inside of you, telling you that you are already wasting your time and that you have many things to do. And everybody starts to stand up and go.

But then is when it makes sense.

Stay until you want to stay.

Just stay.



Your mind probably goes here and there in thoughts.

Maybe again you feel the rush to go.

«What the hell am I doing here»

But stay.



Until you want to stay.

Don´t let your mind beat you.

Just stay, pleasefully.


After some time,

After enough time (different every time),

You will feel how your body relaxes, how good it feels to be there, how some tension in your mind is liberated. Literally it feels like the brain loosens.

And suddenly you are not anymore in a rush.

You are good there.

Then you are free to leave.

This is not only applicable to last Savasana at Bikram Yoga practice.

It´s applicable in daily life, also in daily practice of yoga.

  • In an asana that brings disconfort,
  • In a conversation,
  • In silence with someone,
  • In silence with yourself,
  • In a job,
  • Without a job,
  • Waiting for the traffic light

In any case, stay until you want to stay.

Not before.

Stay until it´s pleasureful,

And then feel free to move on.

I learnt this sentence at Bikram Yoga clases in New Orleans and love it ever since.

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