Where do you thing that you are going so fast?

There is nothing ahead of you that can make you happier than what you have now.

You have everything you need already now.

In the practice of yoga it is easy to be thinking ahead of us. «What is the next posture?». And we keep going like the donkey, thinking that the faster we go, the sooner we´ll reach the carrot.

The same happens in life: «What is the next thing I have to do? When I finish this, then I will be able to enjoy, be happy and calm down.»

But it doesn´t work like that.

You don´t need to do or get nowhere.

The practice of yoga offers you constantly moments of awareness, the possibility of seeing through, of looking with perspective, of realizing that it´s not later, that it´s now, in this inhale, where you can find the peace if you let yourself.

Not tomorrow.

Not later.

Not in the next posture.

But now.

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