I see her picture.

It shows her beauty, her big heart, her careness, her calmness, her pieceful soul.

The picture is accurate.

But it is not her.

She was with me just a couple of hours ago.

I could enjoy her.

I felt her.

But she is already gone.

And I don´t know if I will see her again.

I only have a 2D image of her on a screen.

That kills me.

It brings me immediately into tears. They explode from deep inside my throat all they way up.

Worse is that I know it will happen again.

Whenever I see her, I know I will have to say goodbye. And then this idea of going from 4D to 2D breaks my heart, no matter where I am.

Still, there´s a hope:

6 months here, 6 months there, always together.

It could work.

There´s hope.

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