All this idea of engaging into a mortgage makes me feel like we will be running against the clock…

For 30 years!

Working every morning at our hostel, then at our own remote businesses and then running to enjoy some free time for yoga or sauna.

All of that in order to pay the bills at the end of the month and be able to spend some time together in the evening, when we are already exhausted.

As far as I have researched, the general overview of this lifestyle and mortgage means paying now around 30.000 to 40.000 Euro, keeping still some savings and have to pay every single month around 1.500 Euro plus food, leisure and trips back to our country.

Apart from that burden we would be tied to a place for the next 30 years, or at least 3 to 4 years until we could outsorce it or make it work without us.

I´ve been working for the last 5 years into building a business that runs on its own.

I´ve been building up my freedom.

I like my freedom.

I like being wherever I want, whenever I want.

And I like having enough money to enjoy life, just with normal basic things like eating or seeing a sunset.

I have the feeling that staying in Sevilla the way I had planned would mean losing all this freedom and making us slaves of our lifestyle.

I believe there are alternatives.

I believe you don´t have to spend all your savings and enslave yourself for the next 30 years in a project where you have to rush to make ends match.

I have the feeling that when I find a girlfriend and want spend my life with her, I just take too seriously the role of a good father and husband.

I become serious, more straight and I forget about fun and crazy plans.

It is as if I forget my all-life dreams in order to adopt my parents´ lifestyle (as if that was the right one).

With an income of 1.000 Euro/month you are rich in 80% of the world and just a survivor in the other 20%.

You can live with half of that money in the countryside or in many countries. And it´s not that difficult to make that amount of money online with half-time work, like online classes.

Then you have the other half of the week to surf, yoga, walk around, see sunsets, meet people and spend time with them.

We don´t have to give up a beautiful present for a beautiful promised future.

We can enjoy now.

We have to enjoy now.

There are also places and projects like this one in France or this other one in Georgia where, with as few as 300 Euro/month, you can live, eat, engage in a beautiful project, have great experiences and get to know people from all around the world.

Is that crazy?

Crazy is rushing everyday to pay the bills, for the next 30 years.

After such an experience, you will have learnt about construction, permaculture, growing your own food, investments, planning, apart from having enjoyed an outdoor lifestyle and got to know crazy people from everywhere.

I am seeing it.

Maybe it is too hippie for me. Or maybe not.

Maybe it is only for 1 year. Or maybe not.

But I feel we can give it a try before making such a big decision which will compromise our current and future freedom.

Even if it is only for the sake of learning how to live by your own means in the countryside, connected to nature and to ourselves.

We can live life as an enjoyable adventure, not as a race to pay the bills.

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