I just woke up,

In the middle of the night,

And broke into tears.

I have revived in my dreams an everyday life scene of my childhood.

My mom was been interviewd for a national TV channel (that´s not normal)

She had the hairstyle and the clothes that I remember from her and that I have seen infinite times in our old family pictures.

She had her gaze, with those big eyes.

While me and one of my siblings were enjoying our daily bath, in the bathroom of our childhood home.

It was so clear.

I feel that I have connected the dots.

I have seen the energy of my mom, raising her kids, and I have also seen how she is now, with much less energy, being a very caring grandmother..

Everything has been probably caused by a very unique meditation run by Dr. Swami Dev Arhato last evening at Osho Glimpse.

In this kind of meditations induced by tibetan bowls, the vibration of the sound enters your body and can bring back to you images of your childhood, situations that you want to bring back from your body and unconscious memory into your psicological memory.

During the deep meditation I constatly saw pictures of my daughter and ocasionally some of my wife.

I felt a little bit disappointed because I didn´t have scenes from my childhood.

But some hours later, in my dreams, I connected the dots:

I am my daughter.

And my wife is my mom.

It felt like there is no time.

There is no Past, no Future.

It´s just a little 40-years jump back in time.

Some flashes of my childhood came after waking up in tears,

Where I could feel the endless energy of my mom, raising 4 kids.

So much love.

And I see that same love in Eva,

She is me.

And she is receiving the endless love of her mom, my beautiful wife,

Just like my mom did with me.

And again I break into tears.

Because I can´t feel more thankful,

Firstly because I have felt that love while I was a kid,

And secondly because I am lucky enough to be the main spectator in this beautiful theater of life, where history repeats itself for us to enjoy and learn.

Thank you.

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