I am in the process of designing my new lifestyle.

In this trip that I started 6 months ago I am learning a lot about myself.

The idea of starting a hostel is based on these learnings.

Take time to travel.

Take time to know yourself.

1. I need movement

Movement and exercise do good to me.

Whenever I have done it continuously and intensively, I have lost weight, I have felt much better in the daily life and in the long term and I have felt much more energetic and clear-minded, much more alive.

Swimming, contemporary dance, yoga, acrobatics, padel or soccer have brought health to my body and peace to my mind in different periods of my life.

2. I prefer living in community

Even if I can live alone, it is much more fun and enriching for me to live together with other people.

When living alone, all my dark side comes up. I feel like I am wasting my life imprisioned between 4 walls.

However, when living with other people, there is always something going on, either good or bad, but it always bring growth, sharing experiences and learning.

3. I change

It´s not that I want to change.

It´s not that I have to change.

It´s just that it happens to me.

I change.


One day I love doing something and the following day I am totally bored or fed up with it. It happened to me with architecture, contemporary dance, yoga… Sometimes the passion comes back and sometimes it doesn´t. Or maybe it didn´t come back yet.

The point is that I change.

And that I have to design a lifestyle for myself that allows those changes in me.

4. Working does good to me

I have experienced an early retirement.

I have been earning money for months straight without having to work.

I know it can sound very compelling.

But I have found that all the ghosts come up when you have nothing to do and you have all day long, all the time, just to do nothing.

I always thought that freedom would be amazing.

And it is. Don´t get me wrong.

But it has downsides: what to do with all that time?

Work and volunteering have given me purpose.

That physical activity and tasks have given me energy. When I am focused on work somehow I am meditating, I am giving the best of myself towards a goal in which I believe.

And that makes my life way easier.

5. I enjoy serving

I make more effort for others to feel good than for myself.

I am quite minimalistic. I don´t need that much to live confortably. But I love serving others, making them feel good, making them feel welcome. I don´t mind making an effort for that.

If I know there will be someone who will enjoy it, I don´t mind cooking late, waking up in the middle of the night or going shopping far away.

I feel very thankful to be able to do that.

I always thought that waiters bring happiness to people because they bring them food and drinks.

6. I connect easily with travellers

I feel them.

We are the same.

I love languages since I can remember.

I love communicating with people from other cultures.

Travelling is an exciting way to connect with yourself and the encounters that you find while travelling can be very deep and inspiring.

I love that of travelling.

7. I like challenges

Challenges are exciting.

We are in this life too short time to be bored.

Risks are part of life.

Businesses are challenging, they are a great way to develop yourself. experience personal growth, find those areas where you can be really useful to others and offer the world your vision and dreams.

Being an employee sucks.

Being a student is good for a short time.

It´s much better to create something, learn from the mistakes and benefit from the good choices.

It´s all growth.

Those are my learnings until now.

That hostel-life is the most compelling and related lifestyle that I can imagine for now. Maybe it changes with time. You know… I change 😉

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