There is a little difference between putting your baby to sleep and enjoying it.

In the first case you are trying to get a goal, have something accomplished. Shortly, you are living in the future.

In the second case you are simply commited to the present moment, without any expectation. Either you get your goal or not, you are already enjoying the process.

The difference appears to be small,

Very subtle,

But it makes all the world.

Enjoying the process right now instead of trying to get a goal later makes all your body relax.

Pay attention to it.

Instantly, all your little muscles leave their tension,

They leave all the expectations,

And finally they are here.

You are here.

The difference seems to be little:

  • Instead of going somewhere, enjoy going there
  • Instead of waiting for somone, enjoy waiting for that person
  • Instead of working on the computer, enjoy working on the computer

The difference seems to be little,

But it´s huge.

Because suddenly you are always living now, enjoying now,

Instead of always running behind something that you want to have done.

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