Nothing important is far away.

Facing down

In Bikram Yoga classes there is a series of postures that alternate with Savasana facing down.

In this posture you simply lay down with your chest on the floor, legs straight, arms straight next to the body with palms looking up and your face looks to the side, alternating right and left, each one time.

Savasana is supossed to be a short recovery of 15 to 20 seconds after every posture.

Those 20 seconds mean the world.

You recover.

But if you look far away from you, you don´t rest.

If you keep looking around the room, or checking how the other yogis are laying, then you are lost and before you can think of it, time is gone and you didn´t rest a bit.

The way to really rest is looking close to you.

Focusing your attention on a spot in your yoga mat or towel.

Or on the floor next to you.

That means no further than 20 cm.


20 cms or less.

When your eyes are there, your mind rests, your body recovers and your breath gets back to its pace.

Closer to you

When we are in our normal lives, we have plenty of energy and we are ready to waste it looking around and concentrating our attention on unimportant things.

But Bikram Yoga class is a fight for survival where your body and your breath go beyond their limits.


your energy is limited.

And you need to preserve it.

When your energy is limited and you are fighting for survival is when you realize that nothing important is that far.

Don´t look so far.

All the important is inside you,

Or at least not so far, at the reach of your hand.

Take care of those things, those inside yourself, those very close to you. And the rest will fall into place.

dont look so far - soulpablo

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