After having lived and worked together for more than 1 month Angel told me that I just live in my Bermuda Triangle, that I never get out of it.

It still surprises me when someone can read my life better than me myself.

He is right but actually, my Triangle has 4 corners.

So here is my Bermuda Square.

  1. At Walmart I buy groceries, other food and goodies. Essential for the health of my body.
  2. At Bikram Yoga New Orleans I take care of my soul. I keep my body and mind stronger and more flexible.
  3. At Mojo Coffee Shop I can focus on my online business  and can take time for myself.
  4. At The Atlas House Hostel I live and volunteer. Here is where I develop new professional skills and socialize.

That´s my life.

That´s all I need to be happy.

Apart from that, once in a while I go out for lunch or dinner with friends-

And once in a while I enjoy walking to the Riverside, sitting down there and reading, thinking or just looking at the Mississippi River.

But basically that´s it.

Because in my Bermuda Square:

  • I get to know people
  • I can read
  • I can develop my online business
  • I learn from colleages and from experiences at work
  • I can go deep into myself in yoga
  • I can work on my body, I am losing weight and getting in good shape
  • I stay healthy by cooking my own food
  • I am challenged to learn a new profession
  • I can have both deep and completely shallow conversations
  • I can be myself

Simple as that.

Why would I need anything else?

Why would I need anthing fancier?

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