If you ever thought of changing career or becoming an entrepreneur,

There are are probably some obstacles blocking your way.

The main one?

Your mind.

In my case, I recently the decision to become a yoga instructor.

That´s why:

  1. I am practicing yoga more often,
  2. I am posting more often on this blog and
  3. I started posting on Instagram

I do these things because:

  1. The best way to learn is by teaching
  2. I want to follow the process, have a diary of it
  3. I want to have a portfolio that shows what I can do and connect with like-minded people, the same way I did with my blog.

Reasonable, right?

Well, apparently not, because there is the mind,

Coming once and again,

Pushing me away from this new dream that I have.

Here are some of the thoughts that come repetitively:

1. I am not really that

«This is all fake.»

«I am not a yogi. Who am I trying to fool?»

Although this is true for now, it also happened to me when I was studying to become an architect. I was not an architect yet, but I wasn´t fooling anyone, I was just getting ready to become one, following the normal path.

Probably that´s the key.

That changing  career is not the normal path.

When you change the path, you are getting out of the way, especially if it is because you are following your heart or intuition in something much less practical and efficient.

Note: Firstly I tried to write it as «you», as if the mind was speaking to me, but it doesn´t bring the same effect.

«You are not a yogi. Who are you trying to fool?»

It´s not that. It´s not someone (the mind) speaking to me inside my head. It´s me myself speaking to me.


2. I don´t need a change. I am fine


The first time I remember researching a bit about becoming a yoga teacher was in 2016 (6 years ago). Then in 2019 I even made the first payment for a  Yoga Teacher Training Course which in the end I didn´t follow.

On the other hand, although I like my work, I have been thinking for years that I should go into something more physical, less on the computer (here I am, though) and that connects more to me and to other people.

I am sure these are enough reasons for a change. At least for a try.

But the mind is stubborn, fighting there.

3. It doesn´t really feel that good

«It doesn´t really feel that good. I don´t need it.»

After finishing a yoga practice, the feeling is from good to amazing.

The best is after Bikram class.

And the benefits are not only immediate, but they extend usually the whole day and even longer.

Anyways, the mind is hesitant. 

It keeps saying that we are happy just the two of us. We don´t really need to do these things. Which is not true, because it feels great and when I don´t do it, the mind spins.

4. You are not good enough (and never will be)

I keep believing that I am not good enough to achieve what I want.

But that is why I am practicing and commited to learning.

These are just some recurrent thoughts that the mind tells me secretly, silently, quietly.

So quietly that I don´t even realize.

But, if repeated, they become true.

That´s why it is important to bring them up and keep on with the plan.

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