It is said that you need to be repeating a habit for 21 days and then it becomes a habit.

Not true.

If you don´t have the right mindset, you will fall back into your old habits, even if you repeat it for 42 days.

You know that a habit becomes a ingrained habit in you,

When you PREFER to do it instead of your old habit, because you know that the new one is better for you than the old one.

I have 2 examples to share.

A couple weeks ago I woke up earlier than my daughter.

That happens rarely and I started to think wether I should work or practice yoga.

Immediately I thought: «Half an hour of work is not gonna give me much, but half an hour of yoga can change all my mood and the whole day».

That´s was the first symptom that practicing yoga in the morning is becoming a habit, because it does better to me than what I used to do, which was working.

Once you are in that point, keep showing up,

Keep up with the new habit.

And it will become part of you.

Yesterday I had dinner with family as usual:

A bit late and a bit abundant.

When we arrived at home I decided to practice some yoga.

I felt that the stomach was full and practicing yoga was unconfortable.

That´s was the first symptom that eating less is becoming a habit, because I am aware that it is doing better for me than the old habit.

Having empty stomach makes you more free, more energetic.

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