I keep seeing the same pattern once and again:

The masculine energy pulls strongly, while the feminin energy tries to hold it back.

And it happens especially in healthy couples, those that are happy.

The man starts to think that they need a new house because the current one is not big enough, not sunny enough or not warm enough. Or maybe he thinks that they need a new car. Or that they need to do a big trip. Whatever!

The woman tries to hold him quiet. She wants to keep her stability. She feels that she and her kids are safe the way they are now. So she tries to take those ideas away from her husband´s head.

But the man keeps dreaming.

He sees that nicer future, more beautiful, exciting and confortable for his family.

And he goes through.

Even against his wife´s desires (although he also knows that her desires are the same as his).

So he makes it happen. It´s his nature.

And she surrenders. It´s her nature.


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