Yesterday we arrived from our trip to India, where I did my Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga TTC.

In the same afternoon we went to buy two blocks and a strap for yoga practice.

It´s the first time that I buy those props.

Never before I had used them for my practice at home.

But I learnt a lot during the Teacher Training Course about my limitations and how to improve with the help of props.

Other than that,

An immense sense of coherence invaded me during the whole afternoon.

Buying those props felt like a first step in the right direction.

Those props facilitate the yoga practice for me and I have the feeling of buying a bunch of them to facilitate the practice of others.

It happened the same when I bought some Singing Tibetan Bowls in Mysore. Those bowls helped me once to calm my mind and enter meditation in an extraordinary way and I believe that they can be very helpful and healing to others.

Those blocks, strab and bowls feel like the first equipment of our hostel.


I am not sure if I am flexible enough to become a yoga teacher,

Even, I have no idea if we will ever settle down or be able to by a house for that dream hostel that we have in mind.

But the direction feels right.

And that is key.

I believe in taking care of yourself, in the importance of having a calm mind, in detachment from material things, in eating just enough, in enjoying the here and now, in walking barefoot…

I deeply believe that yoga can heal and make of us better people.

Probably that is why I felt that endless coherence after having done the Yoga TTC and after buying those props.

Probably that is why I still feel coherence.

My actions are getting aligned with my mind and my heart.

Thanks Jean Pierre.

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