You might have some project (or some idea) in your mind that you have been wanting to do for long time.

Actually, I bet there is more than one. There might be half a dozen at least.

If you don´t do any of them,

Guess what?

They make you stuck.

They keep flying around your mind, coming back and forth from time to time, once and again… But in the end nothing happens, because you don´t make them.

Just pick one.

Start with one,

And do it.

You will feel the magic of putting an idea into action. You will see if it is what you thought, if it brings you what you had expected, and most importantly, it will leave space for new ideas to come.

If you don´t do any of your projects, any of your ideas, you stay thinking in the past.

Take one, do it and keep on with your creativity.

Act now.

Don´t get stuck out of inaction.

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