• When we don´t have 5 seconds to apprecidate the beauty of a little 1-year-old girl trying to make her first steps
  • When we don´t have 10 seconds to let a person cross the door at their own pace and we have to pass them on the side
  • When we don´t have 25 seconds to wait until the traffic light turns green

Then it means that we are doing too much.

Our intentions are good, but we do too much.

  • We are all too busy buying presents for our loved ones
  • We are all too busy making plans and preparing things for others and for ourselves, so that we can have fun and enjoy
  • We are all too busy, keeping our houses clean and good looking, taking care of our bodies and looks, for us and for others
  • We are all too busy trying to satisfy the demands of our boss or clients

We are all too busy with life,

That we forget to appreciate life itself,

We forget about our inner peace, which is the best that we can do for ourselves, for our loved ones and for the world.

We are doing too much.


Take a moment for yourself.

Breathe it.


Take a moment with your family.

A real one, without any other agenda.

Just look at them.

We don´t have to do that much.

Everything will be fine.

Appreciate those little seconds when you realize that you are going too fast.

Do less. Slow down

On Wednesday I had to pick up my wife from her language class at 17:30 and I wanted to wash the car. It was 16:45. I had time to go and wash it before and then pick her up.


I decided to go straight to pick her up.

I arrived together with my daughter 15 minutes in advance and we enjoyed walking around and waiting for her mom. It was very cool moment.

After that, we want the three of us to wash the car.

I could have washed the car and then go to pick her up. It was possible from the point of view of time and efficiency, but instead I decided to do less and go slower.

On Thursday we were going to meet friends for dinner at 19:30. It was 17:00 and I was already free. I had time to prepare the dessert that I had in mind, a healthy one that we would all enjoy.


My wife wanted to go for a walk with the little one.

We went the three of us and enjoyed more than 1 hour walking around, seeing how our daughter enjoyed the swings and slides in the playground.

We had nothing for dessert that dinner. But nobody missed it.

Instead, I could offer my good mood to my family and friends, without rush.

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