Meditation doesn´t have to happen in a quiet room, sitting on a pillow with your palms pointing up to the sky.

That can help.

But meditation is about connecting with your true self.

It is about realizing that you are not your thoughts. That you are that higher being that can observe calmly those thoughts from above.

And you can do that anywhere.


Just close your eyes (or even keep them open). Look at all those messy thoughts from above. Look at how they are running around without any order.

And realize that that´s not you.

Notice how good it feels being up there, how peaceful it is. Notice that everything is fine, that things are not as messy as your thoughts might make you feel. Notice that everything around you is beautiful, how everything is just perfect the way it is. Notice that you are good and that you are doing fine.

Just one second like that is meditation.

And it feels good.

Quick tip: To me it helps closing the eyes and looking at the nose, not down at the nose tip but at the same height as the eyes, horizontal. Eyes get crossed inside and that helps me get aware of myself inside, of that big space inside my head.

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