When a project lasts for months or years it is easy to lose perspective.

Daily tasks appear to be disconnected from the end goal and therefore they seem to be unimportant.

You may feel like you are wasting your time and your life doing minor things.

But you are not.

You are aiming to a big goal.

And for that you need to follow the necessary steps, which take time: hours, days, weeks… But that´s all.

How to keep the motivation in the process

The single most important thing to keep the motivation during a long process is to keep your end goal in mind.

Go back to the roots, to the origin.

What is it that sets your soul on fire from this project?

Why did you start it at all?

Think of it.

Focus on that end point, on how you will feel when you have reached the goal, on how your life will be, what you will be doing.

Keep that in mind every single day and you will keep your motivation in the highest levels for your daily, simple tasks.

When to do it

From my experience, the best time to focus on that end goal is in the morning.

I have two preferences:

  1. In bed, after waking up and before standing up. Remind to yourself why you are waking up, what is the end goal that you want to reach. Meditate on that for a while until you feel inside yourself that you have to jump from the bed to start the day and work towards your dream.
  2. In my morning routine. The best way to set myself up to be the most productive is by doing my morning routine. I read, I do some sport, I meditate for some minutes, I shower and then I am ready to start work. In that meditation, I like taking 2 minutes to focus on that end goal. I feel it in the center of my body, right under the belly button. I concentrate my energy there, while focusing my mind on that place in the future, when I have reached the goal.

By combining these two in the morning, I have the energy and motivation to work straight at least for the whole morning, when I am more productive.

So, keep your «why» in mind every single morning.

And get a free boost of motivation to start the day.

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