Iyengar says that, in order to become a good yogi or aspirant to yogi, you need:

  • Discipline
  • Faith
  • Tenacity
  • Perseverance

That´s all you need.

You don´t need to be flexible, you don´t need to be able to meditate for one hour, you don´t need to keep your mind blank…

Just discipline to keep showing up regularly, with interruptions and faith in that, if you keep showing up, results will come, your mind will be calmer, your body willl become stronger and more flexible and you willl see things clearer.

I personally would add that you need:

  • Humility

At least in my case, my mind tells me that I don´t need to practice yoga, that we are doing fine without it, that we can be happy on our own, without the help of any kind of sports, movement or philosophy.

That´s why, in my case, humility is needed.

Humility to accept that asanas or meditate my mind is calmer, I feel more relaxed and problems become smaller.

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