Happiness is not there.

Happiness is not coming next week, next month or next year.

Happiness is also not coming after any or all those things that you want to accomplish.

You are not going to be happy because you did the laundry, you finished work for today, you went to yoga or you took the nap.

Happiness is not in front of you.

So don´t run behind it.

Often I find myself running behind happiness, as if I will catch it, just like the donkey runs to grab the carrot that is hanging from a stick in front of it (image).

It´s never going to happen, because happiness is not in the future.

Happiness is inside you, right now.

Not when you have more money, not when you have your dream job, not when you have kids, not when your kids grow old.

Happiness is here, inside you.

Stop and here it.

Remember: it´s not in the next minutes, because after that you will think that it will be in some hours, some days or some years. And time passes by, but happiness is not there. It´s here.

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