I never had a One Night Stand.

I never found any sense in something like that.

Why would you give away you most private you to someone that you don´t know and who you don´t care about.

If I kiss a girl, that means that I feel that we could have a relationship, and that I would enjoy it.

Othewise, I don´t kiss her.

I only did it once, but it was a One Weekend Stand… and I still thought it could go a bit further, but it didn´t.


The point is.

I am happy to see a girl that I like, who goes out or spends a night with an asshole.

That saves me a big amount of time.

Because it means that she is not ready for a relationship.

She just wants to have fun.

She is looking for something superficial.

Good for her.

That´s not what I look for in a girl, so that saves me a lot of time.

I never really got the point of a one night stand.

How can anyone be interested in kissing a body who just met a couple hours ago?

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