The more I practice yoga, the deeper I can go.

Deeper in stretching.

And deeper in meditation.

One day I was doing the sitting postures of the Bikram series and I realized that I could be more aware of the breathing.

I started paying more atention to it.

That helped me slow down the pace of breathing.

A lot.

It was suprisingly easy.

Although the heart was beating strong and quickly,

Although the postures were hard to hold,

Although it was 40ºC and I had been sweating for one hour straight,

I found it extremely easy to slow down the rythm of breathing. I could breath in slowly. And breathing out was even slower. Then I could hold the breath for seconds, without suffering, feeling the strong heart beats in all my body. They also became slower little by little.

All this brought me to an estate of deep meditation and focus, which lead to a feeling of purpose and calmness.

Just by focusing on your breathe, you can get closer to your soul, to that estate of calm happiness, no matter what is happening around.

It is only you and your breathe.

Breath in.

And consciously breath out.


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