• «Should I continue my trip?»
  • «Or should I settle down back in Spain?»

I have been asking myself this questions for weeks.

Both ideas sounded exciting to me.

I´ve been travelling for 4 months around Europe and in January I will have been for almost 3 months in New Orleans (Luisiana, USA).

  • My main reason to continue the trip was to finally balance the western countries in this trip with by visiting Indonesia; I wanted to try surf and yoga there.
  • My main reason to settle down was starting this new project that excites me a lot.

On the other hand,

  • My main reason to NOT continuing the trip was the fear that I was (conciusly or unconciously) postponing the project, avoiding taking the resposibility of settling down.
  • My main reason to NOT settling down was the fear of going too fast with a project that is for now just an idea in my mind and, as a consequence, not having the experience of Indonesia, with their surf, yoga and spiritual culture.

There is always pros and cons to any decision you have to make.

What I learnt

Thanks to a friend that I met at the hostel I realized that, when making big decisions, it is good to:

  1. Honour timing. Everything has it own time and rythm and you don´t have to know everything in advance.
  2. Look inside. All the answers are inside ourselves. Take the time to look inside and be honest with yourself.

What I decided

I let days pass by.

I kept the questions in mind, but did not force myself to make any decision.

I found out that this trip is being an auto-reafirmation of my personality.

I am feeling very free to make my own decisions, no matter what other people think.

I value other people´s opinions, especially of those who I trust and admire, but this is my life and I make my own decisions based on myself.

Right now, I feel that I am in the middle of a process, where I am learning many things about myself, what I enjoy doing, what I want, what does good to me, what people I like meeting, what my boundaries are, what I can and cannot accept…

I feel the process is in progress.

I feel that if I settled down now, I would be stopping this process in an unnatural way. And I still have some exciting plans in mind that I would like to experience and that it would be much harder if I wanted to do them once I settled down.

So, for now, the trip is not finished yet.

What will happen next?

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