When you look on Instagram it seems like you have to love everything you do and you have to be passionate every moment that you do everything.

It´s not true.

Sometimes it´s hard and you don´t feel like doing what you are passionate about.

But you have to keep doing it.

Emotionlessly if necessary.

Recently I had the hardest week of training in 4 months.

  • I had important pain in the shoulders
  • I was out of my routine, with guests at home and travelling often
  • I was having bad nights of sleep

It felt like a tremendous effort to start my yoga practice each and everyday.

Even, when I started, almost all the time I wanted to stop.

But I kept on.

I kept showing up.

Without energy, without will.

That´s when I remembered some things from the past:

  • When I was a teenager I swam everyday 2 hours/day in a team. It didn´t matter if I was tired, if I was busy, if I didn´t feel like. I just went everyday to the swimming pool
  • When I was studying architecture at the University, I went to classes everyday and I studied at home everyday. That´s how I became an architect. It didn´t matter if I felt like studying or if I was tired. I just kept on doing it

In these two cases I had a commitment, with a team or with myself. I had to show up.

But when I am training on my own it´s easy to give up or not show up.

Because I have no commitment with anyone else.

That´s why I need a commitment with yourself or with god.

Having a commitment with myself and with god, I have to show up.

There are no excuses.

  • If I am tired, I do my practice
  • If I have pain, I do my practice
  • If I don´t feel like practicing, I do my practice

I keep doing my practice anyways.

Emotionlessly if necessary.

Because there are only two tools to liberate us from ignorance:

  1. Daily practice
  2. Detachment from sensory organs

So keep practicing.

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