I have been practicing yoga 6 days a week for the last (almost) 3 months.

  • Almost everyday a full session of Ashtanga Yoga Series.
  • Almost everyday, at least, 2 hours of yoga.

Still my mind keeps tricking me.


While practicing,

I was cold, it was cold in the flat and I couldn´t get warm.

I didn´t start to sweat and I was considering the option of stopping, even after about 30 or 40 minutes (around Purvottanasana) .

I was thinking things like:

  1. «Why do I need to practice everyday?
  2. «Today I ame at the seaside with the familiy. Why don´t I just go out for a walk and join them?»
  3. «See? I´ve been practicing for 3 months straight and still I didn´t get anywhere. On top of that, I am not that good. Look, I want to stop today. Let´s get out of here.»

Then, suddenly, I realized it.

It was my mind tricking me.


Then I decided to not listen to it,

I decided to just do what I had to do.

Continue with the practice.

Push a little bit until I started to sweat.

Then everything started to flow again. I felt motivated and enthusiast, I flowed from one asana to the other, I enjoyed Vinyasa inbetween and finished with upside down postures which I enjoyed.

The feeling at the end was great, as usual.

P.S. Your mind will keep tricking you forever.

Just do what you have to do.

Keep going.

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