Mission in a business is important.

When your mission is clear, all other decisions can easily be rooted in it.

That´s the first thing I learnt when I came to volunteer at the hostel where I am now in New Orleans. Never before a company where I worked at had ever told me about their mission.

We are missing missions.

So here is mine for my (hopefully) upcoming business.

1. Mission

Make it easy for as many travellers as possible to practice yoga, either if they do it regularly or if they never tried it before.

2. Why Yoga

Yoga brings peace of mind in everyday life.

Yoga helps you connect with yourself.

Yoga makes your body and mind stronger and more flexible.

Yoga takes you closer to happiness.

3. Why Travellers

Travellers have time.

Travellers are open to new experiences.

(Solo) Travellers are usually willing to connect with themselves.

Regular yoga practitioners miss yoga when they travel.

Travelling is not just about visiting new places. It is an opportunity to get to know yourself better, to take time to dig into your soul.

4. What

A hostel with spaces and atmosphere for the practice of yoga and meditation.

Hostels are a great place to live in community and connect with like-minded people.

Centres for yoga usually miss this social aspect of personal growth.

5. Where

In Seville.

Why there?

  • Travellers love it
  • It is easy to reach by public and private transport
  • I like the idea of contributing to make my country and my region a better place to live in and to visit

6. Ideal customer

A woman, 25-45 years old, with a good, safe and stable job.

She chases a healthy lifestyle, by taking care of her diet and doing exercise regularly.

She also likes taking care of her soul, by taking time to stay with herself, questioning her beliefs and reading non-fiction, self-help books.

She has good taste for decoration and clothing, not in the way of expensive, fashionable and fancy, but in a nice, simple, practical way.

She loves travelling.

She enjoys deep conversations as much as having fun talking about nonsense.

She likes those little things that make life worth it.

7. Anything else?



I love it.

It has to be in.

10 minutes sauna + diving in cold water and repeating this cycle for 2, 3 or 4 times brings you to a estate of rebirth, as a newborn person.

It does good to your skin, your muscles, your mind and your soul.

It is another way of connecting with yourself.

Sauna must be in.

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