Yo cannot control everything.

There are things that are out of your control. Accept it.

  • Changes in life.
  • Deaths.
  • People around you getting sick.
  • Changes of plans.
  • People changing what they think about you.
  • You changing what you think about others.

These things will affect you, and there is nothing that you can do to avoid them happening or to avoid that they affect your life.

It´s impossible to control everything.

Actually, there is very little that you can control.

  • ¿Can you control other people´s reactions?
  • ¿Can you control other people´s thoughts?
  • ¿Can you control your emotions?
  • ¿Can you even control your own thoughts?

There is almost nothing that you can control.

So, stop trying to stay where you are.

Things change.

It´s life.

Life changes constantly.

Accept it.

Enjoy changes.

Let that ambition of controlling go away and be flexible with yourself and with life.

What does rigidity bring to you?

Be flexible and let yourself go.

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