This is one of my biggest fear for sure.

I am afraid that for any reason the business stops working as it had and it´s not so profitable or not profitable at all.

What would happen then?

I would have to work more on it, put more hours in front of the computer.

What is the problem with that?

Firstly, I like my life how it is now, I wouldn´t like to change it and I don´t want to have to work more in front of the computer.

What is the problem with putting more hours in front of the computer?

I would feel like a failure.

I like being able to go to the swimming pool whenever I want, waking up without an alarm clock and be able to work on my hobby of carpentry or practice yoga whenever I want.

What would be the benefits of putting more hours in front of the computer?

If I saw a growth in the business, that would bring some peace.

Furthermore, accomplishing such a thing by setting the habit of working everyday and having the discipline to follow my goals would be very rewarding.

I would feel proud and empowered.

1. The real fear behind all that

Probably I am afraid of having to go back to a standard job that I don´t like, as I used to have before my business.

Having to go to an office everyday and feel emprisioned in order to get a payment at the end of the month would make me feel miserable.

I don´t want that.

2. The real real-fear behind all that.

Probably there is another fear behind that, which is that I am afraid that my energy is limited and that my tolerance to do what I don´t like is also limited.

When I am not enthusiast about something, I get quite pesimistic, and I don´t like that.

I don´t know if in the future I will have energy, the hability, or the will to work in order to get a salary or new income.

I don´t want to be again in that position of exchanging hours of my life for money.

3. Possible Solutions

  1. Working more hours in front of the computer, Pablo, is a very honorable sign of love to your life and also it can bring beautiful feelings of achivement and self-discipline which are very enriching for your daily life.
  2. Instead of having to find a job that you hate from the beginning it could be more compelling to find a job that is fulfilling, maybe something related to hostels.
  3. You could give a try to start a new cheap-to-start business, maybe related to your most appreciated areas at the moment, such as carpentry or yoga.
  4. You could also work harder on your geometry business.
  5. Your investments are growing and they almost add to a third or half of your expenses. Apart from that, your business might still be running even if it´s not giving as much as before. And your mindset is not the one of an employee as it used to be when you worked as an architect. In that sense, you will find alternatives to escape the 9 to 5 life. (But I don´t really believe this)

4. The real solution to the fear


The first solution that comes to mind is work more. I know I can do that now, starting from today. But fear is not goint to go away even if I earn double. Because there will always be the fear of the business not working.

So the solution is trust.

  • Trust that you have succeded other times.
  • Trust that you are valuable, that you have good skills to find a good job or make an income.
  • Trust that you will have enough energy and will to work when it will be necessary. These energy and will will probably be coming from your emotions, the ones that have never let you down. Emotions like fear will come up, the fear of not having enough money to feed your family. Or emotions like love, the love of taking care of your family.
  • Trust that you will cut down expenses that are not necessary, that you will sell the things that you don´t need. Trust that you will know what to do best for you and your family.

5. Another real solution

Anyways, trust is the solution.

But if you are scared of the business going wrong or not as good as you would like it to, an easy immediate solution is working on it right now.

Stop complaining.

Stop being afraid.


Sit down and get the work done.

You will feel better.

6. Conclusion

When it comes to this topic, I always start spinning around.

Meditation or sport to calm my mind and actual work are usually the ways to go.

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