«French people are like Spanish, but happy»

I heard the first sentence from Jean Pierre 4 years ago and I still agree with him.

I don´t know if French people are happy,

But I am sure that Spanish people are not.

We are always concerned, worried, angry, impatient, stressed.

  • We proudly say to foreigners that this is the best country to live in, but we hate our politicians, we hate our coworkers, we hate our neighbours,
  • We proudly say that we know how to enjoy life because we go out for a beer with friends often. It´s true that we have good climate and it´s easy for us to go out than in Northern countries for example, but that doesn´t guarantee happiness. We go out for drinks to cover our deep insatisfaction with life.
  • We want to think that drinking a beer makes us happy, because we forget about problems.

But problems are still there after the beer.

What we are missing is that way of living life and work without concern, not thinking that we have problems, but knowing that that is our life, full of challenges that we are ready to overcome.

I include myself (of course) under this Spanish mindset, I am not an exception here.


When I notice that I am concerned for no reason, running around ´kinda´ worried (or see people like this), I try to slow down my mind, breathe slower and realize that nothing is going wrong, that everything will be fine, that life is beautiful while we are here.

We can also enjoy it just like French people do 😉

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