Today it was the first day at the Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nirvana Yoga Shhala in Mysore.

I slept bad last night due to jet lag.

6:30 already hard Ashtanga Yoga practice.

Plus 5 more clases related to Breathing (Pranayama), Anatomy, Meditation, Back Bending and Methodology.

Plus meals, taking care of the family and additionally I slept bad last nitght due to jet lag.

I am exhausted.

I wonder if this was the right choice.

Ahead of me there are 24 more days until the programme finishes.

I feel that when you are 40 and having a child it is even more challenging to swift career. I see that I don´t know a lot, that my body is not so flexible, that there is a lot to learn.

And I keep wondering if I am right for this direction, for this profession.

First days are always hard (I hope).

Actually one of the teachers told me: «Your body is not used to this training. This week you will have pain. Next week you´ll feel better».

Sometimes we have to trust that we made the right decision and let time take care of things.

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