Важна тодько практика

Important is only practice.

Do your practice.

You will not get the benefits of yoga neither by reading about it, thinking about it nor discussing about it.

It´s not important if you set yourself to practice yoga twice a week and you never do it.

Just do it.

Be constant, be perseverant.

Practice is all that matters.

Benefits come with the practice: body becomes stronger and more flexible, mind gets calmer, your inner resistance to practice diminishes when practicing constantly.

Just set your mat on the floor and practice.

Don´t overthink.

Just do your practice.

It happens the same in businesses, in sports and in any other abilities like cooking, dancing, reading… Important is only practice. If you are just thinking about doing something, starting a business, preparing a recipe, but you never get into action, nothing will happen and you will never see any improvement, any result.

It also happens when studying subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths or Geometry. You can be studying all the theory, but if you never try to solve any exercise, you will hardly understand the matter. By practicing you get to understand the theory.

This short text in Russian language is the little welcome sign that you see at the front door at Bikram Yoga in Saint Petersburg.

It is so short and straightforward.

Важна тодько практика: Important Only Practice

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