A couple weeks ago a friend asked me to help his nephew with geometry.

In that moment I felt that it would be too much work. I already had my work online, my daily practice of yoga and my interest for meditation with singing bowls. Apart from that, I am a father, who has to take care of the house and of the family.

Still I was not sure about what to decide.

I asked close friends an family for advice.

My wife said:

«Take it, you´ll activate your brain. In Russia we say that resting means changing the activity.»

I liked that.

But I got convinced with the philosophy of Yoga.

Just do your duty, without expectation. Get liberated and help others get liberated.

So just do what you have to do.

Help someone.

My work,

My practice of yoga,

Me taking care of the family…

Everything is very individual, very isolated (very selfish), very egocentered.

I decided that it was better to get out of my bubble and help someone.

A couple weeks later, I am very satisfied with the decision.

Not only I am activating my brain, I am also exercising love, by helping someone with all my heart and knowledge. And I am very proud of him, he is getting to understand concepts.

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