Weeks ago my bank charged 30 Euro in comissions.

I was fed up most of the day, being aware that I was mad because of the bank stealing from me.

On the same day I was announced a meeting of the owners of the building where I own a flat. They said it was an important meeting. Hours later a neighbour contacted me saying he had to explain to me what was going on in the building. Obviously I realized that he wanted to take me to his side, because I had never spoken to this person before.

I thought for myself: «Leave me alone». And I was worried for most part of the day and coming days.

It´s then when I realized that that means being an adult.

An adult has responsabilities.

Things can go wrong any moment.

You might have any issue with the bank, with neighbours, with health, with your job. Or your family might have it.

I started to think that the right attitude is the one you used to have when you were 20 to 25, when even though you didn´t have money, you didn´t have a job, you didn´t own anything… In spite of all that, you decided to enjoy life, to travel around, to play loud music and dance anywhere, to do silly crazy things.

When you were 25, you cared, it´s not that you didn´t care.

But you didn´t worry as much.

Today I got the confirmation.

I received an email from my broker in the US, saying that due to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, my access to the account might be blocked, that I might not be able to trade or that any other unexpected thing could happen, because this is an unprecedented event and nobody knows.

30% of my investments are in that account.

85% of my savings are invested, not in the bank.

That means quite a bite in my savings if I cannot access it anymore.

I spent several minutes worrying, trying to find solutions, while I was cooking with my 2 months-old daughter sitting next to me. A big chunck of my savings, which cost me lots of time and effort to make and save was being taken away unexpectedly and from one day to another.

That is shitty.

Still, after an hour or I started thinking that I could find a new job.

Or still work on the current one and start again to save and invest, which would go probably faster this time thanks to the knowledge I have.

Thanks to the crisis in Ukraine I realized that the future is not promised.

That what you have now might disappear in a matter of days or minutes.

In that sense I started thinking that we could travel the whole family, to south east Asia, where tropical beaches, good weather and low prices make life lighter. Or that we could finally go to Egipt or Italy, to enjoy different food, different cultures, different activities.

Basically, I started thinking like the 27 years old Pablo, who had little money and big dreams.

I started to realize that losing the savings was somehow liberating.

When you own a lot, you are exposed to lose a lot.

When you don´t have anything, there is nothing to lose.

And that is liberating.

You relax and focus on now, not there.

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